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Title Author Date
Geminute - short videos that shows what you can do with PowerPivot Donald Farmer 11/11/2009
Introducing PowerPivot DAX Measures Rob Collie 11/16/2009
Recorded webcast: "Introduction to PowerPivot or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Excel" Chris Webb 12/14/2009
Excel PowerPivot Review - Video Chandoo 01/09/2010
PowerPivot introduction videos - load, analyse and use in SharePoint Andrew Fryer 01/19/2010
Sales Forecasting with Excel 2010 (and PowerPivot) Microsoft 01/27/2010
Video - SharePoint 2010 BI Overview Mike Fitzmaurice 02/01/2010
SQLBits Video - Self Service Business Intelligence- Project Gemini Bob Duffy 02/02/2010
Video - Microsoft PowerPivot Creating Reports Nico Verbaenen 03/02/2010
Video - Microsoft PowerPivot Loading Data Nico Verbaenen 03/02/2010
Video - Microsoft PowerPivot DataFeed Source Nico Verbaenen 03/02/2010
PowerPivot: Overview Ed Price 04/13/2010
Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 - demo Microsoft 04/28/2010
BI - PowerPivot for Excel - TechNet page Microsoft 05/13/2010
SQL Server News Hour: Donald Farmer on Managed Self Service BI and SQL Server 2008 R2 Donald Farmer 05/14/2010
Business Intelligence Demo at Office 2010 Launch Event Chris Capossela 05/18/2010
PowerPivot in Microsoft Excel 2010 - interview with Julie Strauss Channel 9 06/12/2010
Enriching Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel Applications Using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Ashvini Sharma 06/18/2010
Building Sophisticated BI Applications Using Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel Julie Strauss 06/18/2010
DAX Patterns in PowerPivot Marco Russo 06/26/2010
O'Reilly Webcast: Self-Service Business Intelligence with Microsoft PowerPivot Andrew Brust 09/02/2010
PowerPivot: How, Why and When Darren Gosbell 09/14/2010
Video - Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot Rafal Lukawiecki 11/16/2010
Video - Offering PowerPivot as a Service - Best Practices from Microsoft IT Sanjay Soni 11/16/2010
Video - Using Excel and PowerPivot For Data Mining Twitter Karsten Januszewski 11/18/2010
PowerPivot tutorial videos Jason Thomas 02/28/2011
Connecting PowerPivot to Different Data Sources in Excel 2010 Steve Hansen 03/10/2011
Get the most out of DAX and PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012 Paul Doyle 03/13/2012
Video - Building Self-Service BI Applications Using PowerPivot Julie Strauss 06/14/2012
Video - PowerPivot and QlikView 101 Alex Whittles 06/19/2012
Video - Building Self-Service BI Applications Using PowerPivot Kasper de Jonge 07/25/2012
Video - DAX in Action! Alberto Ferrari 08/01/2012
Video - Microsoft PowerPivot Excel 2013 in Action Alberto Ferrari 06/06/2013
Video - Measure Calculation and the CALCULATE Function Rob Collie 08/07/2013