Cash Flow Statement in PowerPivot

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There's few, if any, reports that I consider to be more important than the Cash Flow Statement. Every business needs one, probably above any other report. There's numerous different versions of Cash Flow reports and, in reality, it can become a very personal thing to a company so I'm not going to propose to provide a one size fits all report. In addition, I'm not going to proclaim to provide an IAS7 - Cash Flow Statement (that's International Accounting Standards) textbook report because this isn't designed as an accountancy lesson (but, if you're interested, the method I'll show here relates to the Indirect Method in IAS7).

With that said, if you consider this post alongside Kasper's excellent post Building a cash flow statement in PowerPivot using Dynamic Measures in DAX, you should have all the tools you need to produce any Cash Flow Statement that you require.


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