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Nov 9, 2010 - Microsoft announced new details about next version of PowerPivot

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November 09, 2010 - At SQL PASS conference Microsoft announced new details about next version of PowerPivot.

Next version of PowerPivot will support:

  • KPIs
  • Perspectives
  • Multiple relationships
  • Hierarchies
  • Parent-child hierarchies
  • Many-to-many relationships
  • New DAX function RANK
  • Distinct count will be standard PowerPivot aggregation type
  • Drillthrough
  • Rich data types: BLOBs, images
  • Partitioning
  • Paging
  • Role-based security model using Active Directory
  • Row and column level security to secure data at the deepest level
  • Possibility to create BISM = BI Semantic model
  • In the next release you will be able to import PowerPivot workbook into BIDS 2010 environment and convert your PowerPivot workbook to enteririse level application by creating BI semantic model




  •  PowerPivot will be able to load data from Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)
  • You will be able to build Enterprise Applications with PowerPivot using BIDS environment that will support security, partition management and other Enterprise level requirements
  • Next release of SQL Server will support columnar indexes. They are build on same technology as PowerPivot. These type of indexes will significantly increse relational query performanc.
  • Microsoft first time announced project "Crescent" - a new Web-based data visualization and reporting tool that extends PowerPivot.

Note: Some of the features listed above will work just with PowerPivot in BISM mode.

Additional information about project Crescent also can be found in following interview with Amir Netz:


Or if you have trouble seeing this interview here, use following youtube link...

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