Excel 5-Calendar Date Table

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For some time, I have been looking around for a fairly complete date table in Excel for use with PowerPivot. If you are working with data derived from a data warehouse, a date table is perhaps the most common dimension table that exists in the warehouse. However, not every scenario involves working with a data warehouse directly, and I simply wanted a "portable" date table. I found very little online, the best perhaps being this Excel table offered by the Kimball group (the table has been expanded since I originally downloaded it). I could have modified the Kimball table for my particular needs, but I decided to create one from scratch. Late last year, Rob posted an article titled the Ultimate Date Table, which is available from the Azure Marketplace. I considered using this table instead of the one I was building in Excel, but the "Ultimate Table" lacks fiscal periods. Much of the analysis work I do includes fiscal periods.


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