Refreshing PowerPivot Data in SharePoint 2013

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In SharePoint 2013, Excel Services comes with numerous improvements. One of the most significant for PowerPivot is the ability to refresh data models interactively all the way from the original data sources. Unlike Excel Services in SharePoint 2010, which only queries data models but doesn't refresh them interactively, Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 first sends processing commands to the Analysis Services server hosting the data model and then queries the data model to update the workbook when you click on Refresh Selected Connection or Refresh All Connections on the Data menu in the browser. Note, however, that interactive data refresh is only available for workbooks created in Excel 2013. If you try to refresh an Excel 2010 workbook, Excel Services will display an error message stating that older versions cannot be refreshed until the file is upgraded, as in the following screenshot.


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