Power Pivot Utils: a nice collection of VBA macros #powerpivot #dax

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When you use Power Pivot, there are a number of operations requiring more than one click (or much more than just Excel):

  • Creating a pivot table based on the current data model (at least 2 or 3 clicks)
  • Create a table of existing measures (including its DAX expression)
  • Create a table of existing calculated columns (including its DAX expression)
  • Format with DAX Formatter the DAX expressions you extracted from measures and calculated columns (one copy/paste operation each)
  • Display memory usage by table and column (you can use VertiPaq Analyzer, which provides a lot of detailed information, but you have to restore the data model in Analysis Services to use it – or you can use some VBA macro, but it’s still more than one-click if you have to copy the macro)



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