Why you shouldn’t stop / start Analysis Services from SCM when running in SharePoint Integration Mode

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Hopefully this will be my first of many posts as I have been meaning to try and start doing memory dumps to this blog. Hopefully some of those memory dumps also made it into our docs … I tried.

So most people who are used to using Windows based services are used to using Service Control Manager (SCM) (started via services.msc) to start and stop the service. Some also use “net <stop | start>” to control the service. And in normal situations … this works great. When services are integrated and managed by SharePoint, however, this is not recommended and doing so might leave you a bit confused. This is why:

As of SharePoint 2010, they have exposed their “Services” infrastructure which was previously used only by teams like Excel Services, Access Services, … This is some of the infrastructure that PowerPivot for SharePoint hooks into. As such, if you go to System Settings in Central Admin



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