Announcing the Great Football Project (PowerPivot)

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This is what I plan to do for my first series of meaty posts:  develop a real, non-demoware PowerPivot solution, from start to finish, and walk you through it as I go.  I’m going to take a “hardcore” BI project from my past and re-implement it using PowerPivot, and give you detailed recaps of each step.

So, what’s the project in question?
First, check out these screenshots (click for larger versions).

2009-10-28 - Announcing the Great Football Project...
2009-10-29 - I have my work cut out for me...
2009-10-29 - Football data source tables...
2009-10-29 - Football: loading the data
2009-10-30 - PowerPivot Data Cleaning: Three Options (with a football angle of course)
2009-11-03 - PowerPivot Football Project: The first DAX formulas, and Relationships
2009-11-04 - Relationships, Pivots, and DAX: The Payoff, Part One
2009-11-06 - Video: Fun With Slicers and Relationships
2009-11-10 - DAX: The =RELATED() Function
2010-01-05 - Give me good data or give me… um, good data
2010-01-08 - Touchdown Problem Solved, and COUNTROWS

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