PowerPivot Technical Diagram: PowerPivot Client/Server Architecture

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Because PowerPivot for Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint involve many components from SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services, Office 2010, and SharePoint 2010, this poster contains all of the key components that make up PowerPivot in one view. This view includes nearly all of the logical architecture components and illustrates how these componets work together.

Included in this diagram are the components for:

  • PowerPivot for Excel
  • PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • Browser-Based Clients and their connection to PowerPivot
  • Data Import and Data Providers in relation to PowerPivot
  • Analysis Services Clients and their ability to connect to PowerPivot
  • Timer Jobs, Health and Usage Data Collection in relation to PowerPivot

Download this diagram here...


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