SharePoint Prerequisite Lab Installation Tip (#PowerPivot CTP3 Install)

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When you install SharePoint Beta 2 to go with your PowerPivot for SharePoint CTP3 install, some will install SharePoint on a set of servers (or VMs) that do not have internet connectivity.

The first step to installing SharePoint Beta 2 is to run the SharePoint Prerequisite Installer.  If you are in a lab environment that does not have internet connectivity, this step will fail because it is trying to download the required files.

Within the installer dialog, it will provide you a link to the installation log.  Search for “download” within the file and you can then identify the component and URL it was trying to download from.   Copy the URL to a box that has internet connectivity to download that file, place it in a location your lab machine can get access to, run the component, and then you can then proceed with the next step of your installation.


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