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Predixion Software provides predictive analytics solutions in the cloud that are fully integrated with Microsoft’s BI platform. If you use Excel® and PowerPivot our technology will enable you to apply predictive technologies in their daily business analysis and decision making processes. You are able to easily create, manage and share powerful and accurate predictive models without extensive training or specific knowledge of predictive analytics.

Our cloud environment enables Self-Service Predictive Analytics (SSPA) allowing you to use and analyze large amounts of data to make actionable decisions, all within the familiar environments of Excel® and PowerPivot -- anytime, anywhere. Now non-technical users can run predictive reports without ever seeing or touching a model.

Predixion InsightTM is the only predictive analytics solution available today with patent-pending native integration into PowerPivot. You can run predictive models against PowerPivot data and publish the results back into PowerPivot or SharePoint®.

Every industry will benefit from Predictive Analytics. Actionable predictions eliminate the guess work in making informed and relevant strategic or operational decisions. Predictive Analytics provide objective, fact-based information which increases performance and profitability. Here are a few examples of the cross-industry capabilities predictive analytics empower:   
  • Retailers and service providers personalize customer relationships and reduce churn
  • Insurers uncover previously unrecognizable risk patterns and characteristics
  • Businesses maximize marketing campaign profitability
  • Healthcare providers determine which patients are at risk of developing certain conditions, like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and other lifetime illnesses
  • Financial institutions and retailers reduce their exposure to fraud
  • Marketers of consumer products and services lower the cost per order
  • Financial institutions predict securities performance and trends
  • Manufacturers optimize inventory


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