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Self-service analysis is the fastest growing aspect of today’s Business Intelligence, and users are demanding easy-to-use but powerful analysis tools, such as Microsoft PowerPivot. PowerPivot for Excel 2010 enables powerful self-service ad-hoc analysis of extremely large data sets all within the comfortable and easy to use Excel 2010 environment. You can perform server-less, in-depth, multidimensional, OLAP-style and columnar analysis, as well as create your own column and table-focussed calculations using the new language called DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). Acquiring data from external sources, including the amazing ability to “parse” existing graphical and textual reports generated by other systems (such as SAP) has never been easier. You can take any data from anywhere and dive deep into your very own “what-if” scenario analysis. This session will introduce all of those Microsoft innovations through a series of live demos and discussions. We will also briefly discuss the collaborative aspects of PowerPivot for SharePoint Server 2010 that allow effective team use of this new technology. PowerPivot is much more than a large data analysis tool: with its programmability and enterprise-level management it is as close to manageable self-service BI as one could desire.

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