Exploring PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint: Blue Yonder Charters

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Explore a project that uses PowerPivot for Excel, Microsoft Silverlight, and SharePoint Server 2010 to aggregate and share information, both inside and outside a firewall.

In this article, you examine an application that has been built for Blue Yonder Jet Charters. Blue Yonder Jet Charters is a leading executive jet chartering company in Brazil. They have a fleet of over fifty Brazilian aircraft providing services across the top ten largest cities in Brazil.

Blue Yonder has implemented a new aircraft tracking system that they are using to optimize their fleet. This is driven by money savings but, more importantly, by being a more environmentally-conscious carrier. This system records certain information about various flights such as carbon usage and efficiency. However, not all aircraft are fitted with these devices so manual data entry is required to record some flight information.


Tags: sharepoint, excel, design, security


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