Sharing workbooks using PowerPivot Gallery

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Now that you have downloaded the PowerPivot for Excel November Technology Preview at, you have probably built a really interesting BI application right there in the workbook.  Importing and mashing up data from different sources, building calculations with business logic using DAX, and then creating rich interactive views in Excel with pivots, charts and the awesome new slicers.  Surely there are others on your team who would get a lot of benefit from using this workbook in their daily jobs?  This post is about what happens when you move from doing self-service BI on your desktop, to sharing a team BI application using PowerPivot for SharePoint.

Make your workbook look great in SharePoint

It’s pretty easy to share a workbook with your colleagues using regular SharePoint document libraries.  But, after all the trouble you went to build a cool and useful BI application on your desktop, we wanted to make sure that the experience of the consumers of your work was really great.  When you install PowerPivot for SharePoint, you get a new kind of document library called the PowerPivot Gallery which is designed to highlight your workbook and let people use it for slicing and dicing right there in the browser without having to download it and open in Excel.


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