DAX Query Plan, Part 1, Introduction

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SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services RC0 introduced a new SQL Server Profiler event class, DAX Query Plan, under the Query Processing event category. This is an advanced and rich new event class, but there has been no official document yet. Nonetheless, it has already attracted the attention of some users who are pushing us to release more information as soon as possible. While waiting for an official document to come out, I'll try to find some spare time to temporarily fill the gap by providing some background information on this event class in a series of blog posts. As always, my goal is to provide accurate information with sufficient technical details. There are plenty of other BI professionals who are eager to help average users to learn this feature through intuitive, practical examples. I'll be using the tabular model AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2012 RC0 when I need to demonstrate different aspects of DAX query plans through examples.


Tags: performance, dax, internals


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