Upgrade PowerPivot SharePoint from SQL 2012 RC0 to RTM

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So last week I was doing a presentation on Self-Service BI with SQL Server 2012 at the TechFuse MN technical conference and I realized that my demo virtual machine was still running SQL Server 2012 RC0. I was thinking that I shouldn't do my presentation and demos using RC0, so why not upgrade. Probably not the best idea to do this just a few days out from a presentation, but I had my fingers cross and just went for it.

I found some guidance from a thread in the forums by Jen Underwood here Upgrade in place RC0 to RTM and decided to go for it. I did the in-place upgrade and my SharePoint virtual machine with SQL 2012 was still functioning after I completed all of the steps. Then I moved on to testing my integrated SSRS setup and realized that the Power View reports were not working and neither were my data sources. The quick fix for that was to go into Central Administration and go into the properties of the Reporting Services application and click OK. That completed the upgrade process for my shared service and my Power View reports functioned properly after that.


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