Gemini (PowerPivot)- Copy/Paste

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One of the core tenets of Gemini is that the user should be able to import data from virtually any source. The blog post Importing data into Gemini talks about the steps involved in importing data from a typical relational source. Gemini supports all of the popular relational databases – SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Teradata, etc. Gemini also supports importing from third party OLEDB, ODBC and ADO.NET providers. The blog post Data Feeds talks about importing data from Reporting Services reports and other ATOM based data feed providers. Look for even more data import options in the next CTP of Gemini. Remember that all of these data sources are refreshable, i.e. you can publish the Gemini workbook to SharePoint and schedule a recurring job to automatically refresh the data.


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