Solving a business problem with Powerpivot CTP3 using DAX Timefunctions

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This is part 3 in my series to solve a much occurring, simple, business problem with PowerPivot,

Part 1: Working with Gemini and Excel 2010 to make a pivot table
Part2: Trying to solve a business problem with Powerpivot, Gemini CTP2

In the previous blog post I tried to create an analysis on the adventureworks dwh where I want to see the OrderQuantity of the current month compared to the monthly average of OrderQuantity last year by promotion. This post will describe my quest for a solution and findings i have on the way.

In CTP 3 we have lot of new things, we have loads of new DAX functions available especially the time intelligent functions i am very enthusiastic about (wish i had them in MDX). In the previous blog post i decided to create the solution using dynamic sets but since the time intelligent functions are available i decided to go and use them, thanks to Rob at his PowerPivotPro’s DAX post who gave me the idea.


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