PowerPivot time intelligent functions revisited: why use ALL() and how to work around it

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Last week I got a most excellent question from Sasha at my about page. Using my timeintelligent function screencast Sasha created a workbook using  YTD  where he used one table with facts and dates in it. The problem he had was when created his time intelligent function he wasn’t able to use data from other columns than the date columns. In this blog post i´ll try to describe how the time intelligent functions work, what pitfalls are and how to solve them.

To be able to use a time intelligent function in DAX you use the Calculate function to group measures by a filter. With a time intelligent function you want to filter your values over a period of time (like YTD or previous month).  Most of the time you want the use these functions inside a pivottable where you use dates on the x or y-axis, the values inside the pivottable would show values per the current period context. This would logically result in the following DAX formula:



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