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(With my thanks to Fernando Delgado, our excellent setup dev for working up this solution)

After uninstalling PowerPivot for SharePoint, Excel Services and other features in the PremiumSite feature will be disabled. At a certain level for “new server”, this makes sense since turning on and configuring of Excel Services et. al. was part of the “new server” installation. But for “existing farm”, this is a huge NO-NO and will cause considerable aggregation. Fortunately it is easy to fix. In order to re-enable the feature in all the sites in the Farm where it was previously enabled you just need to follow a simple set of steps. If there is a small number of sites, just re-enable them manually with the regular UI. If you would like an automated way, then the following step will scan through the SQL Server log file, pull out those sites that were disable and re-enable them (this is great if you have a large number of sites or if you don’t know which sites to enable manually).



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