Budgeting Solution Built with PowerPivot

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How will users work with Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010? Will they find problems during their everyday work? We tried to answer this apparently simple question creating a complete PowerPivot application that will manage the budgeting needs of a company. Join us in “that guy’s" shoes as we take the sales data of AdventureWorks from an OLAP cube, collect Excel sheets from departments, some information about how the market will change in the future and integrate all this information into a PowerPivot data model that will let "that guy" build reports and handle the budget of the company. In this session we describe all the tools used and choices made during the building process, showing some insights of a real case of use of PowerPivot. We try to analyze problems even before the market will need to handle them, in order to bring our users good advice from the beginning with the introduction of PowerPivot.

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