Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting a Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint Installation

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PowerPivot presents an interesting challenge for debugging and figuring out what is happening when problems occur. There are a lot of moving parts on a running farm. PowerPivot uses a mixture of SharePoint and SQL logging, tracing and debugging. In this chalk talk we review the various logs and trace files that are generated by SharePoint and SQL (and how they map to PowerPivot features). We take some common usage scenarios, inject faults, and show how you identify and rectify the problem. When do you look at IIS logs; when the NT event log; when SQL? And what do you do on a large farm where the various machine logs and traces are not consolidated. A customer’s first impression of a new product is all-important. This chalk talk is designed to help you guide customers, whether you are a TS, MCS, or support person. We give you the knowledge that will help you help your customers.

Presenters: Dave Wickert and Rob Collie

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