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The following information was added to the website during the month of April.

PowerPivot Posts

- Calendar Analytics Tool - free PowerPivot application
- Business Intelligence Prototyping with PowerPivot
- Tableau and PowerPivot - a subversive partnership?
- Introduction to DAX Functions
- Calculating a Sum Based on a List Criteria
- The Friendly Neighborhood Operators && and ||
- Business Intelligence Semantic Model
- Ordering Months in PowerPivot Pivot table
- PowerPivot: improve the performances by sorting tables
- SAP BW and PowerPivot integration
- A/B Campaign Analysis with Start and End Date Slicers
- Spreadsheets: Mission Impossible Completed with PowerPivot
- Introduction to PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010
- PowerPivot Stories from the Trenches
- Installing PowerPivot For SharePoint 2010
- Using Slicer values in DAX calculations
- Video: Leveraging PowerPivot Demonstration
- Get values within a Start and End date using PowerPivot DAX

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