Introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Gemini (PowerPivot)

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Gemini and DAX Extend the Power of PivotTables
Excel PivotTables are not new, but Excel PivotTables that are based on multiple tables of data are new with the Gemini add-in for Excel 2010. This new capability in Gemini is a very powerful tool for data analysis when combined with our new DAX expression language.

Looking at the PivotTable above, the values in the data area of this pivot come from a sales table, the customer information comes from a customer table, and the product information comes from a product table. In Excel, without Gemini, this analysis would only be possible by constructing a single flattened table with all of the information. Working with the single, flattened table in Excel introduces a variety of issues around performance, memory consumption, organization of fields in the field list, etc. More importantly, for some scenarios, a single flattened table simply isn’t possible.


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