The ‘Function XXXX only works with contiguous date selections’ Error

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Reposted from Chris Webb's blog with the author's permission.

In my last post on DAX, I mentioned I’d come across the following error when running a query in PowerPivot:

ERROR - CALCULATION ABORTED: MdxScript(Sandbox) (22, 4) Function 'DATEADD' only works with contiguous date selections.

The DAX expression I was using was as follows:

    , DATEADD(DimDate[FullDateAlternateKey], -1, YEAR)
    , ALL(DimDate))

And the error was happening when I ran queries with Dates on either rows or columns and was using a slicer that had multiple years selected but only a few months, for example like this:


Clearly I had a non-contiguous date selection: I was expecting to see all the dates in January and February 2003 on rows, followed by all the dates in January and February 2004. But I couldn’t understand why I was getting an error on what, to me, seemed like a perfectly reasonable query!

So I asked my friends at Microsoft and Marius Dumitru explained that this wasn’t really an error, it was actually a deliberate feature designed to stop users running queries where calculations would return misleading results, or where the semantics of what was actually happening would be hard to understand. I can understand the motivation for doing this – for example, consider what would happen in the scenario above if there was no error, and I didn’t have dates on rows or columns – no time intelligence calculation would return any meaningful values here. But I still maintain that my scenario above should return values, because in this case the slicers are only serving to filter which dates are being displayed on a visible axis, and when the dates themselves are visible on an axis then it makes sense to see the result of the calculation.

Time to open a Connect, then, in the hope that this scenario will be allowed in a future version. Please vote here:


Chris has been working with Microsoft BI tools since he started using beta 3 of OLAP Services back in the late 90s. Since then he has worked with Analysis Services in a number of roles (including three years spent with Microsoft Consulting Services) and he is now an independent consultant specialising in complex MDX, Analysis Services cube design and Analysis Services query performance problems. His company website can be found at and his blog can be found at

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